UK Young Theatre Organist of the Year Winners & Awards


Year YTOY Winner YTOY Seniors Winner
2019 Lucy Griffiths Will Shaw
2017 Robert Eldridge Aaron Hawthorne

The Senior competition was introduced in 2017 in addition to the original competition. 

Year YTOY Winner   Year YTOY Winner
2016 Lewis Scott   1993 Richard Hills
2015 Declan Poole   1992 Julian Lovegrove
2014 Thomas Pickering   1991 Joanna Clark
2006 Mary Ann Wootten   1990 David Easton
2004 Elaine Dawes   1989 Mark Aston
2003 Ian House   1988 Christopher Bannister
2002 Mark Thompson   1987 Benjamin Vine
2001 Adam Evans   1986 Martin Harris
2000 Tom Horton   1985 Peter Holt
1999 Matthew Bason   1984 Paul Sheffield
1998 Joanne Baldwin   1983 David Redfern
1997 Simon Pattison   1982 John Barlow
1996 Robert Sudall   1981 Rodney Pooley
1995 Richard Openshaw   1980 Michael Wooldridge
1994 Catherine Drummond   1979 Stephen Vincent
      1978 Pauline Dixon

 Here we see, on the left, the YTOY Winner Chain Of Office and, on the right, the YTOY Seniors Winners Trophy.


Christie Cup


Dean Herrick

Memorial Trophy

This is a silver trophy awarded to any contestant in the competition who, in the opinion of the judges, shows the most promise or potential. It may also be awarded for any other reason which the judges feel is relevant.



This is a large silver cup presented to an entrant from the previous competition. Regardless of any trophy that may have been won previously, this award is made by the Chapter Committee in recognition of the person they consider to have made the most musical progress or who has made the greatest contribution to the theatre organ cause since the last event.


2019 Freya Vicarey   2019 Robert Eldridge
2017 Jamyma May Hanson   2017 Lewis Scott
2016 Freya Vicarey   2016 Lucy Crouch
2015 Robert Eldridge   2015 Lewis Scott
2014 Will Shaw   2007 Mary Ann Wootton
2006 Adam Julio Zair   2005 David Gray
2004 Thomas Atkinson   2004 Ian House
2003 Hannah Jade Murphy   2003 Ryan Jones
2002 Ryan Jones   2002 Adam Evans
2000 Adam Evans   2001 Thomas Horton
1998 Thomas Horton   2000 Matthew Bason
1997 David Burke   1998 Simon Pattison
1996 Eanna McKenna   1997 Robert Sudall
1993 Catherine Drummond   1995 Richard Openshaw
1991 Christopher Stanbury   1994 Catherine Drummond
1990 Miles Lovegrove   1992 Julian & Miles Lovegrove
1989 Simon Appleyard   1991 Julian & Miles Lovegrove
1988 Emma Sexton   1990 Russell Holmes & Mark Aston
1987 Paul Long   1989 Simon Appleyard
      1988 Craig Boswell
      1987 Rachael Ward
      1986 Peter Holt
      1985 Budgie Groom
      1984 David Redfern
      1983 Geoffrey Solman

Here we see, on the left, the Christie Cup and, on the right, the Dean Herrick Memorial Trophy.