Tooting Granada (Gala) Wurlitzer

A campaign by Len Rawle to Raise the Tooting Wurlitzer was successful in so far as he was able to repair the flood-damaged organ to concert standard. His subsequent fund raising campaign to ensure the organ could again be heard in the Bingo Hall was also successful. It resulted in the property owners finally co-operating with the major work of opening up of the theatre floor to allow the sound into the auditorium and for the console to rise into view.

Two successful public concerts were well attended; the event on 22nd April 2007 was recorded and released on a now sold out fund raising DVD "Raising The Tooting Wurlitzer".   However, a subsequent cloudburst on 20th July 2007 caused the main sewer in the area to burst and resulted in the cramped underground pipe chambers being flooded for a fateful third time.

Although sump pumps are now fitted and the chambers are heated, the elements have taken their toll on most of the 80-year-old components including the all important relay system. The current situation is that the organ, although safe and complete, is out of action and considered to be in need of a total rebuild. Although the building and the organ are 'listed', there is no requirement that the organ should be functional.

The local management co-operate fully with Len and Nick who check out the security of the instrument from time to time and bring the undamaged console into view for the public 'Open House' day presentations.